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Thread: [ADMIN] EMEGENCY! Stop Texas rr.com bounces!
picon face BY : jamesnewton@.....geocities.com

We (admins) are getting our butts kicked trying to stop these bounces
(multiple messages)

The Road Runner service in Texas is having MAJOR problems with their email
servers and it appears that more than one person may be subscribed to this
list using an email redirection service that passes posts through an rr.com
account without actually having rr.com in the email address. For example,
someone might be signed up for an account at one of the email redirectors
that provide email addresses like @spam@yournameEraseMEspam.....coolguy.com but actually just
pass the email on to your actual email address at rr.com. We can't seem to
find and drop all the people who are somehow using these Texas rr.com

I hate to ask this, but if you are in the Texas area and using Road Runner
for email (your email comes through a .rr.com address) could you please
unsubscribe from the PICList and resubscibe on another account? We can help
set you up on one of the free email accounts like hotmail or yahoo, etc...

To be completely clear, rr.com users outside Texas don't need to worry.
Texans using other email providers than rr.com don't need to worry.

Please contact the admins directly if you do think you might be on one of
the problem servers

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
jamesnewtonSTOPspamspampiclist.com 1-619-652-0593
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