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Thread: mouse emulation
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To all interested in mice!

Some while ago I designed a mouse emulator for use by a severely
disabled programmer. He had no hand use but could operate a joystick
with his mouth. The 'input' was the two potentiometers from the
joystick and two pressure switches (suck, puff) for the mouse

A two channel A/D converted the joystick pot info to digital. The
rest was coded into a 16C54 PIC (it was 1993!) In the process, I had
to crack the Microsoft mouse protocol. They would not tell me. It is
quite different from the Logitech mouse. If anyone is interested in
the protocol, code or how to get X Y voltages to emulate a mouse,
please contact me direct. (serious requests only please as my time is

In response to my previous mailing, is there no-one out there who has
used a PIC for closed-loop motor speed control?

Mike Bolton

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Clinical Engineering
Withington Hospital
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