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Thread: Has any had any luck with a usb to rs232 converter?
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Yes - I played around with an entrega unit - I can't remember if I
tried it on MPLAB-ICD or Picstart Plus. The only problem was that MPLAB didn't see the new (usb) COM port
number (COM3), so you couldn't select it - it was greyed-out onscreen.
However by editing the port number directly in MPLAB.INI it worked
If you have no luck with this and really need to use it on a laptop
with no serial port, a PCMCIA serial adapter will almost certainly
work as it is a 'real' uart chip mapped into the PC's address space.
RS232-PCMCIA adapters are significantly more expensive and harder to
find though.  
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Subject (change) Has any had any luck with a usb to rs232 converter?

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