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Thread: Gameboy LCD to TV, how to?
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>(Sorry if i send this twice, I think first time I do it under a reply of
>one of my previous messages and it does not look as a new thread).
>Would it be possible to get the signals that drive the LCD display of a
>gameboy (not colour) and pass them through a PIC that will output a
>video signal ???
>Well, I think it *can* be done, but how to start?
I doubt a PIC, or even a fast SX could handle this. A lot depends on
the order in which the GB scans the display, and the refresh rate.
Unless these happen to be very close to the required TV spec, this
will involve a dual-port display RAM buffer.
It would probably be much easier to use a cheap CMOS monochrome camera
pointed at the display (yes, seriously!).

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