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Thread: Attention owners of ICEPIC emulators
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>I own an ICEPIC JNR 16, which contains the PIC16C02MEcore emulation device. According to the manual, this limits the emulation speed to 10mhz. I would like to perform emulation at higher speeds.
>I e-mailed RF solutions to see if I can buy an upgrade emulation chip. I received no response. I guess they want me to buy a new emulator. To anyone who owns an ICEPIC that emulates up to 20mhz, I am curious what the # is on the emulation chip. Thanks!
PIC16C03ME. Microchip supplied this a (free!) upgrade for PICMASTER
probes using the old 16C02. I have a feeling that the ICEPIC uses PLCC
packaged chips, whearas picmaster used PGA, so I don't know if a PLCC
16C03ME exists, or whether there may be other limitations on ICEPIC
that may prevent it running at 20MHz.

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