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Thread: How to use external .AS assembler files in Hitech C/MPLAB
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>To get your project working, go into "edit project", then "node properties" for "?.hex" and change language tool to "pic C linker".
>This allows you to use multiple files which are linked at the end.
>Go to my tutorial at http://www.workingtechnologies.com/htpic/Hi-Tech_C_tutorial.htm and it will explain how to set up a project.

After a lot more fiddling I noticed that what was happening was that
when I added  the .as file to the command line, PICC was changing the
.hex file to the name of the .as file, so MPLAB could then not find it
after the compile/link. So the solution was simply to change the 'extra command line options'
to force the correct output file name, i.e.
<asmsource>.as -o<hexfilename>

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Subject (change) How to use external .AS assembler files in Hitech C/MPLAB

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