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Thread: How to use external .AS assembler files in Hitech C/MPLAB
face BY : mike@whitewing.co.uk

After having problems with #asm sections in Hitech C (optimiser
destroying them and optimising out local vars!), I'm trying to move
all the assembler to an external .AS file, but having no joy, and the
Hitech manual is little help.

I've managed to get a .as file to assemble to a .obj file, but can't
figure out how to tell PICC to link the extra .OBJ file.
I think the 'global' declaration is OK, as I extracted the assembler
from a 'compile to assembler' compilation, and it matches the example
in the manual.
MPLAB 5.00 doesn't appear to allow the .as file to be added as an
extra node to the project, and if I add either the .as file or .obj
filename to the 'additional command line options' section it will
compile (and also assemble, in the case of a .as file), but DOESN'T
generate a .hex file (no error message), and doesn't find the external

Any ideas ? It is possible  at all in MPLAB ?
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Subject (change) How to use external .AS assembler files in Hitech C/MPLAB

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