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Thread: Switch / If Statement revisited
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My $0.02 on C vs. asm:

- I'm not a consultant - I work for a company and my boss wants
 stuff written in 'C' so others down the road can more easily
 see what is going on.  I just use inline asm when necessary.
 I have to admit that it tends to be easier to get the big
 picture when looking at C, although I don't ever like trying
 to figure someone else's code out.  Olin style commenting is
 the best bet in either case.
- I absolutely don't buy the portability argument for C.  There
 is too much interaction with i/o ports, timers, interrupts
 and other peripherals & hardware for code to be portable to
 anything other than another pic - and then C doesn't buy you
 anything anyway.
- which one is quicker to write depends entirely on the nature
 of what needs to be written, as we've seen with the complex
 math statement.  I think I saw a statement from Andrew Warren
 once that he was the fastest asm programmer he knew, yet
 there were still some things he could do faster in C.

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