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Thread: Switch / If Statement revisited
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Because they're cheap, available and familiar.

>>Other controllers are much better for larger apps.
Not if the app will fit a smaller one - ok it maybe easier to do some
things on bigger chips if you have that luxury, but component cost and
power consumption are almost always major issues.
>>Maybe my opinion will change but I still think PIC
>>C programming is a poor solution.
Horses for courses. It all depends on the application. For low-level
bit-bashing C is terrible and ASM is usually much quicker to write,
but doing lots of maths or complicated flow-control is a royal pain in
asm. I use Asm unless there is a good reason to use C, and then often do
the twiddly bits in ASM. Fortunately most MCU C compilers allow bits
of ASM to be added very easily without having to mess with linkers
etc. Now if only someone would do it the other way round and write an
assembler that allowed little bits of C to be included....!

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Subject (change) Switch / If Statement revisited

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