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>Has anyone used the handheld storage CRO from Fluke, or the semi(?)
>portable one from Tectronix?

I have Fluke multimeters and Tektronix scopes. I've tried it the other way
around, and wouldn't recommended it.

The THS720 is a Tek handheld scope I have owned for about 4 or 5 years. It
is very portable. I've taped it to my thigh while riding a recumbent
electric-assist trike.

It has two scope inputs and one meter input. You can use them
simultaneously. They are all electrically isolated from one another, also
isolated from the AC adapter input and the RS232 port. NO COMMON GROUNDS,
it's fantastic. You can attach one probe's ground to the hot side of the AC
line, the other probe's ground to the neutral, while taking a resistance
measurement of your tongue and logging to your PC(software available on my

Battery life and charging is the biggest complaint I have. They've fixed
that in the current "A" series. Mine you charge 20 hours and get 2 hours of
run time. I built a quick charger(schematic and code available on request,
uses a 16C71).

It has not broken, screen is good, works just like the day I got it. It is
"water resistant" too.


Bob Blick

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