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Thread: : PicList zone for posting files ... does exist?
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piclist.com now allows anyone to post text or html files (including code
listings, etc...) directly to the site. Members (of piclist.com) can also
add new pages and edit their pages. The editing is in a text box for non
MSIE 5. users and in a WYSIWYG editor page for MSIE 5. users (before
everybody else screams, if you show me how to implement WYSIWYG editing in
your browser, I will add support for it... as far as I can see MSIE is the
only one that can do it.)

I'm about to add upload ability for binary files like images, programs,
etc... also via a web browser. Again, your browser would have to support it,
but most do.

I kind of don't want to open an FTP port just because
A) I am not sure how to automate the setup of private FTP directories for
piclist.com members. NT4 IIS4 gurus please step forward...

B) I don't want to end up hosting porno movies if I make it a public upload
area. I fell for that one once... <SAD GRIN>

In the mean time, just email me whatever and I will post it for you.

James Newton (PICList Admin #3)
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Subject (change) : PicList zone for posting files ... does exist?

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