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Thread: 16C773 AD problem
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MJ wrote:

>In the spirit of the other discussion about students trying to buy code, I am
>proud that this is the one and only question that I have to ask of the list,
>because the rest I did on my own.  And with that, I will now unsubscribe
>(until next project or a bug is found!) and say thanks to everybody that help
>those of us who are learning!

Michael, you certainly don't need to unsubscribe, and you certainly
don't need to stop asking questions. Piclist is here as a resource
to help people out with all kinds of technical problems. Most people
here are happy to help.

There is a big difference between trying a problem yourself and asking
for help with something you cannot understand or cannot get to work,
and simply asking someone else to give you the solution.

Some may come here with their hands out, wanting others to do their
entire work for them, but I really doubt they profit much from this
in the end. As the parable says - it is much better to learn how to
fish for yourself than to simply accept handout fishes from others.
Most instructors can immediately spot the difference between these
two types of individuals - [in about a second and a half, BTW].

Regarding any code/etc you may find on piclist, you should treat this
as a resource - if nothing else, as "templates for learning" and to
show how to do things. Anything you may use, you will most likely have
to modify anyways for your own purposes. This is done everyday in
every place. There is no need to continually re-invent the wheel.
It is fair game to bootstrap off of previous work - "standing on
the shoulders of giants ...", and all that. This is, of course, what
education is all about.

However, simply taking someone else's work and calling it your own,
or running around asking someone else to do all the work for you, is
a different morality. One thing experience teaches you is where
the line is drawn.

best regards,
- dan michaels

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