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Thread: MPLAB-C porting
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> No, I'm afraid it will not. The statement

>    frdaddr = (unsigned long *) flashadd;

> will interpret the bits of 'flashadd' as a pointer to an unsigned long;.

> It will then attempt to assign that _pointer_ to frdaddr.

Ah, didn't recognize that you can cast to a pointer.  Well, that's what
I get for jumping in where I'm not an expert just cuz I thought I knew
the answer.  I'll retreat now to wipe the egg off my face, and promise
not to post any more answers on this thread.

> Such an assignment is _illegal_ in standard "C" (you cannot assign a
> to an integer type).

Can you clarify this for me?  frdaddr was originally defined as a long
pointer - I'm not clear on what is illegal.

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