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Thread: MPLAB-C porting
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>Yeah, but not with the MPLAB-C17 (demo) compiler.  I add the mask
>long*) to the right side of the equality statment and then make sure to
>enable the far pointers in the project and everything goes good.

Hate to belabor the point (too late, I suppose), but I don't think

         fraddr = (unsigned long*)flashadd;

is what you are after, whether flashadd is a long or not.  This assigns the
value at flashadd to frdaddr.  e.g. if flashadd is a long, and = 0x8000,
frdaddr will be equal to whatever value is in location 0x8000.

...just to thoroughly confuse things, I found an MPLAB-C17 user's guide.
According to that:  ints are 16 bit, and longs are 32 bit and are not
supported (maybe later? this is v2.10).  char is the 8 bit data type.
"far" declares paged/banked data.  It does have a few pages on porting code
from MPLAB-C to C17 that might be useful for you.  One of of things
was changing longs to ints.  Also talks about pointer lengths.
So this might be the correct setup:

            unsigned int flashadd = 0x8000;
            unsigned int far *frdaddr;            // "far" necessary?

            frdaddr = flashadd;

But these compilers are so different that I don't know...

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