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Thread: Helping Profs. help students
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James Newton wrote:
>Anyone have any ideas how we can help with the following? I'd like to hear
>from professors and students as well as the engineers who have encountered
>this issue in the past. If you know one of those, please forward this to

Anrew Warren:
>How about adding a new tag to the PICLIST -- something like
>"[HOMEWORK]:" -- that professors can use to post the details of their
>assigned projects, so we can match them up against the requests we
>get in private email?

Andy, James,

Is it your conception that the incidence of this particular phenomenon
happens to take a quantum leap about 3 months before the end of each
school year? :)

However, personally, as one who once taught electronics and computer
engineering [in another incarnation], I really don't believe this is
piclist's problem. This is a problem that all educators have to learn
to recognize and deal with in their own fashion.

- dan michaels

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