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Thread: Frequency counting
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Roman Black wrote:
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Roman, Mike,

History repeats itself - I remember this "exact" same discussion from
about 8 or 9 months ago :).

You are both right - in your "statements" at least. However:

1 - the "text" in front of the datasheets regarding Timer0 is the same
   for all the PICs --> Roman's 10ns.

2 - but the info given in the Electrical Characteristics "tables" in the
   back is different in some cases --> 16C/F84s show 30 and 20ns, as
   Mike said.

3 - for other processors - ie, NON-Flash - the number given is 10 ns in
   both text and tables.

I checked this in both the 1995 databook and more recent datasheets.
Obviously, Mchp simply took the same original day-1 datasheet and cloned
it for later processors - they changed the tables in the back to reflect
different processors, but didn't always catch/update all the references
in the text in the front.

My guess is the tables in the back are more correct - so you should
get 50 Mhz out of a non-Flash part, and only 20 mhz out of a flash
part. But who really knows?

You could try asking an Mchp app engineer to come up with a definitive
answer, but ...........

hope this helps [ha],
- dan michaels

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