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Thread: Formula for unbalanced bridge Rx-> V - take 2!
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Oops - mixed up Rx and  R2 - let's try again...

R1 R2
|  +-- Vout
R3 Rx

Treating each side as a potential divider : Vout = Vin(R3/R3+R1) - Vin(Rx/Rx+R2)

Vout = Vin((R3/R1+R3) - (Rx/Rx+R2))
We want the answer for Rx given the Vout/Vin ratio- call this ratio V,
so this becomes :

V = (R3/R1+R3) - (Rx/Rx+R2)

..and this is where my algebraic ability grinds to a halt..!

So the question is how do you juggle this to get either  :
Rx = function_of(V)
Or (better, if possible)
Rx/R3 = function_of(V)
..and can it be simplified further if R1=R2 ?

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Subject (change) Formula for unbalanced bridge Rx-> V - take 2!

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