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Thread: Motor speed control with back EMF
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Hi Folks

Have just joined the list so this topic may have been covered before.

I am trying to design a motor controller for a model railroad loco
(DCC) with 16F872. This uses the PWM module for speed control
(15625Hz) and an A/D channel to sample the motor back emf for closed
loop stabilisation. Motor is driven by a H bridge. Sampling rate is
88Hz and the PWM is turned off during samples.

So far have implemented an integral only routine. Can anyone point me
to suitable code for PI or PID (other than AN532 which it too complex
for a 8 bit PIC)control algorithm. Has anyone else implemented a back
emf feedback loop for a small DC motor using a PIC?

I am pretty familiar with feedback principles, but not cramming it
into a PIC.

Mike  Bolton

Dr Mike Bolton
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