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Thread: piclist Admin #3
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The current (active) list admins, in order of appearance are:
Jory, who started the list and who provides us with the list server.
Mark, who understands and solves most problems related to members
James, (me) who polices the list and is webmaster of the piclist.com site.
Mike, who manages out account on the list server. Which is no small thing.
The list server is a monster.

You see me most often because I police the list (handle content, personality
issues... moderator if you like) and do the web site. I can't do any of that
with out the other guys.

The "admin #3" is a reminder (to me and to others) of that fact. I came
around after Mark and I recruited Mike.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3 (and darn proud to be a part of it)
1-619-652-0593 phone

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