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Thread: Frequency counting
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Roman Black wrote:
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Hi Roman, if you look again, you'll see that I was referring to
Timer "1". Timer0 is not an issue - however, the specs for Timer1
are a little confused - and the datasheets have been changed a
couple of times.

The real issue is what rise/fall times the prescalers can handle.

A year or so back, I talked on the phone with an app engineer at
Mchp, and of course he simply looked at the datasheet, and mumbled

However, "my" comment to him was it did not make a lot of sense to me
that the specs should be different between the Timer0 prescaler and
the Timer1 prescaler - and the datasheet indicates about a 6:1
difference, IIRC.

At any rate, I routinely stick 50 Mhz into the Timer "1" input/prescaler
from a TTL oscillator chip/etc, and have not seen any problems. 80 mhz
oscillator input will not fly.

- dan michaels

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