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Thread: Frequency counting
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Brusque wrote:

>    What do you think of about my routine?

Your routine looks interesting, but I was wondering whether
the interrupt and other overhead - due to using C - may be
producing your incorrect answers. All of your answers are
on the low side, meaning the timing took slightly too long.

In my timer/counter routines, I always use assembler, because
then I know exactly how many clock cycles everything takes,
and still the overhead is sometimes a problem - but then my routines
use timer1 to measure up to 60 Mhz.

Using (float)casting, I guess round-off errors during division
isn't going to be a problem.

But given your algorithm with all of its inversons/etc, do you
have any idea how many Timer1 ticks is the difference between
measuring 2480 and 2500?

- dan

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