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Thread: [BUY]: Surface mount chips and logic gates
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Roman Black wrote:

>Am I the only person here who sticks transistors
>between logic chips with hardly a thought?? Or
>are people scared by a one-transistor logic
>inverter?? Bob?? You with me here?? :o)


I use transistors all over the place in my designs. And
usually BJTs.

IMXO, the single most useful topic when teaching/studying/learning
electronics is to spend a "lot" of time/effort to get down a complete
understanding of NPN inverter operation - biasing, gain, ac operation,
bandwidth, leakage, coupling, power dissipation, linear versus
nonlinear operation, on and on. Once you really understand how "all"
of these aspects integrate together in the design of a typical circuit,
the rest of electronics is cake.

[BTW, you don't quite get the same level of understanding if
you jump to MOSFETs too soon in the process].

- dan michaels

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