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Thread: VHS tape, a way to erase it.
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>Based on some rough calculations I'd say that a 5cm^2 degausser coil front
>that will wipe VHS and data tapes at essentially zero distance should
>require about 300W mains power input. Maybe more. The calculations are
>based on the required power to do that in a normal erase head and its
>power input. The numbers may be wildly off however as they assume that
>the efficiency of both systems are the same, and they are not.

You'll need about 700 gauss IIRC.

700 turns at 1A would get you there. Wind a solenoid big enough to put the
tape in, with about an inch of extra on the ends.  The flux through the
center of a solenoid is uniform until you put the tape in, but that's ok,
because the flux going through the tape is what you want.

Watch that collapsing field though :)

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