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Thread: High Voltage LOW\no Current
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>Looking for a way to produce ~600 volts from a ~9 volt
>battery.Is this possible?
Anything's possible.... given enough time, money and solder.
> Any Suggestions?
All depends on the output current - what's it for?
For low current apps, you might just be able to get this high with a
simple inductor based flyback converter, but inductor selection will
be critical, although probably still off-the-shelf.
If you need it regulated, Maxim's MAX771 can control an external HV
MOSFET - I've used this to get 200V at a few mA in the past. You need
to run the MAX771 itself from a seperate 5V supply.
No problem at all with a transformer-type inductor , but you may need
to custom wind the transformer. You may find a suitable off-the-shelf
inductor designed for small xenon flasher applications.

If the current is extremely low (microamps), an EL driver IC driving a
few stages of Cockroft-Walton multiplier may also do the job.

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