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Thread: [ADMIN] Kick BUTT piclist.com archive. Unlock it?
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source= http://www.piclist.com/postbot.asp?id=piclist\2001\01\24\193305a

I've enhanced the piclist.com archive postbot again. It now:

- Does keyword highlighting if the post is a keyword search result

- Allows to you easily bookmark a post onto a page at piclist.com by simply
browsing to the applicable page on the site and pasting the URL of that page
into a field.

- Links URLs in the body of a post so you can just click to follow them.

- in the reply area, it adds a "signature" consisting of your name, link to
your member home page and the piclist.com main page. You can edit it if you

It is really easy to use the postbot as a message browser and to reply to
posts directly. It links to the original message rather than quoting it and
helps with selecting a topic tag. You can usually just answer a newbie
question by clicking on one of the words in the subject, copying the URL of
the result, backing up, pasting in the answer and pressing "reply"

Please let me know if you find any problems with it. I'm especially
concerned with making sure it works on non-ms browsers and OSs. But please
don't expect perfection. I'm doing this in as little time as I can and you
must not expect a professional result.


I'm thinking about removing the requirement for piclist.com membership in
order to view the PICList archive.

I have some anti spam measures in place and could add more. E.g. looking for
ANY email address (not just the posters address) and making it human but not
machine readable in random ways. One time you replace "@" with " at " then
next time with " overat ", insert "-nospam-", aggressively URL encode it,

THIS AFFECTS YOU! You might end up getting more spam if someone bothers to
take the time to figure out how to undo the obfuscations. Please take the
time to vote:

spamjamesnewtonTakeThisOuTspampiclist.org?subject=MAKE_IT_ACCESSABLE> jamesnewtonKILLspamspampiclist.org?subject=KEEP_IT_LOCKED_UP

In other news:

Tom Brandon and I are working on offering a parametric search and shopping
cart service. (See it dawned on me that the only way I could get anyone to
update a database of PICs, etc.. and their parameters was to offer guys like
Crowcroft, Anderson, Alexy, Don, et all the service of hosting a shopping
cart for them on the site <VBG>). Tom is kicking butt so encourage him to

The UPS for the server doesn't speak the same language as NT. I'm trying to
jury rig an adapter. For now, if the power fails for more than about 20 min
(out here is socal, land of the stage 3 alert) the server will have an
"unexpected restart" and will be offline for another hard drive rebuild.

I need two 10 to 15 GB UDMA hard drives to add to the RAID card that M. Adam
Davis is helping to donate to the server in order to become fault tolerant.
If you just upgraded, please think of our site. I can offer free domain
hosting as an incentive.(you pay network solutions or register.com and I
host the site. free. or I can give away yourname.piclist.org domains at no

<SARCASM>In keeping with the full disclosure of the amazing riches I'm
accumulating as a result of having set up the piclist.com site, </SARCASM>
Don of Dontronics has sent me a $3.00 PCB and a used AVR programmer so I can
see if it would be useful in an upcoming
http://www.sxlist.com contest.

I'm working on a WYSIWYG page and comment editor at
and would love to hear some feedback on it. The idea is to make it easier
for people to post a comment or code directly to the site and to edit their
member home pages. Errr... you DO have to be using IE 5.0 to make use of
that. I will retain the text only edit form for other / older browsers. If
someone knows how to do DHTML editing in Netscape please volunteer...

Has anybody implemented ASP file upload on an NT server? Or would an FTP
server be better? for uploading images, zip files, etc...

I'm also going to remove the membership requirement for posting comments,
but they will not be actually added to the page until I have a chance to
review and approve them. With the membership, the comments will still post

Is there a good NT runnable script or component for comparing a before and
after version of a file and writing out exactly the minimum number of
standard editing commands that would be required to change the before into
the after?

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
spamjamesnewtonEraseMEspampiclist.com  1-619-652-0593
PIC/PICList FAQ: http://www.piclist.com

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