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Thread: microchip.com bad site
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>Hi people, time for a <rant>
>Has anyone else gone looking for a PIC at the
>new Microchip.com site and been really miffed
>by the way they have changed it??
>TI get my vote. I was there looking for a DAC the
>other day, they have a couple of hundred listed on
>the SAME PAGE (listening Microchip?), so I could
>just scroll up or down and see the 8-bit, 10-bit
>ones. It's in a column. If it is single DAC, or dual,
>etc. If it serial or parallel. By just scrolling up
>and down the page there was ALL the info I needed
>to choose a product.
..although it's not perfect - recently I was after data on a new
product - I found the press release, but it had no links to the data
sheet - had to hunt elsewhere for it!
I would comment NS and TI for making it easy to find pricing info, but
no-one offers the feature that almost all users would really want -
list in order of PRICE!
>OK, maybe Microchip do provide a "search" facility,
>(but it's not working at the moment). ..I've NEVER found a good search facility on any semi makers' website
- I've lost track of the number of times I've failed to find something
with 'search' but subsequently found it by trudging around. And I'm
only talking about searhing for exact part numbers! How hard can it be
to make this work properly?

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