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Thread: Oscillator for multiple pic's
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At 08:52 PM 2/17/01 +0100, Aart wrote:
>is there a simple way to clock  4 pic's (16f84)  with one Xtal?
>Or do i need to build an external oscillator?  The one at page 40 from the
>datasheet (fig 8-6) does'nt work, well at least not with a 74hct04 or an
>7406 Hex inverter. The inverter mentioned in the sheet (74AS04) i do not
>have at the moment.

There's a three-inverter circuit that's pretty simple, or try 74HCU04s.

Beware! You'll want series resistors in the clock lead to each pic, and a
short, solid ground return from each pic to the clock circuit.
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