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Thread: ETS on a PIC ??? Yes - it can be done.
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Drew wrote:

>I'm trying to do something similar, but at much lower frequencies, using the
>A/D at 10KHz using a 4MHz crystal.

Drew, I looked at this again, and it's better than I thought.

For 4 mhz xtal and 8Tosc, Tad = (5/4)*1.6usec = 1.92 usec.
10 Tad = 19.2usec ~ 52 khz, which means the A/D can go much
faster than your original 10 khz number.

OTOH, if you jump up to an 8mhz xtal, you get killed, because
you will have to use 32Tosc. Tad will increase to 3.82usec, if
I figured it correctly.

- dan

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