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Thread: nokia card phone or other pcmcia or serial interfaced mobile
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Hi David,

We used to use the Nokia cardphone in our remote monitoring product, in fact
we sold about 8000 of these before Nokia decided they no longer wished to
support this product in Asia. In short you can no longer buy them here but
you can still get them in europe.

If you are looking for a module that you can integrate check out the
Ericsson GM25 (http://www.developer.ericsson.com.au) or Falcom A2D
(http://www.falcom.de) both of which are well supported in Australia.

If you are looking for a complete solution with built in power supply and
rs-232 interface you might like to check out our RMU product. Check out our
website for more details. (http://www.calldirect.com.au).

Our latest version of the RMU consists of a PCB onto which the phone module
mounts, a rs-232 interface chip, universal (85-265 V AC) switching power
supply, and 5-40V dc switching regulator.
All phone, ttl level rs-232, and power signals are made available at a 40
pin 0.1" pitch connector which allows for optional connection to a user
application board.


Mike Cornelius                      Internet: mikecTakeThisOuTspamspamBeGonecalldirect.com.au
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NSW 2060 Australia                  URL:      http://www.calldirect.com.au

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