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Thread: standard algorithm?
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Is there a "standard" algorithm for counting the number of cycles in a
signal based on the peaks and valleys in that signal?
We have a piston pump that is run by a crank; so when running at steady
rpm, there is a consistent variation in the running pressure.  The
pressure is already an a/d input that is used for control - as long as
that signal is already there, it would be useful to count the pump
strokes.  The signal looks *somewhat* like rectified AC (the valleys are
sharper than the peaks), and has some noise on it.
I looked at the discussion of dtmf tone detecting, but that is geared
towards finding a frequency - I just want to total up the cycles on a
continuous basis.  Also, not being a math whiz, I don't fully understand
that whole discussion right off the bat.  I also looked through "Numerical
Recipes in C", but didn't find anything there.
Thanks for any help.

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