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The piclist.com archive membership form is NOT a service of a third party.
That data goes from your machine, over the internet (unsecured until
somebody wants to donate a secure certificate for the server) to the server
and gets saved in a database. It doesn't get accessed or reported on any web
page (except the members "home page" as indicated on the form and that is
minimal and optional). Its for my use only. I wrote the form and I feel that
it is important to know what I ask for in order to protect the rights of the
piclist members.

Your going to ask "why?" so here it is.

The archive will have email addresses in it. I've done what I could to trap
and lockout addresses mining bots but what one man does, another can undo. I
can see from the log files (which I review regularly and have programs that
look for and warn me of access patterns that are probably mining) when a
particular IP address is mining the archive, but with only that information,
I have to have full cooperation from the ISP who controls that IP address to
take any action. With the membership form, I have at least an email address
that I know is valid, and probably a good telephone number and address. If
the phone number and address don't pass verification, that account is
watched more closely. So YOUR email address and other information is more
protected because the access to it is better followed.

So why the years experience, productive hours, etc...? because it helps me
to know if the person who I'm dealing with is a newbie, new to the list or a
crusty old steely eyed rocket man. You can always lie about that, but if you
are crusty and you list your self as a newbie, expect to get an email like
"Now I know you are new at this, and I don't mind teaching people, but you
really must understand that...." rather than "Hey, man, I know you must have
done this before, could I ask you to..."

Also, it helps when somebody tries 5 times to subscribe with a dud email
address and I can call them on the phone and say "hey, your ISP is bouncing
that email address, are you sure you have it right?" as a few of you know I
have done.

I would never ask age or income or race or sex or anything like that. I
agree that those parameters are an invasion of personal information.

I'm open to discussion of the issue.

James Newton, PICList Admin #3
1-619-652-0593 phone

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Even our dear piclist.com has that membership form (for the archive, not the
mailing list) that asks for more information than I care to give.  That's
why I haven't signed up yet.  From what I can tell these both are services
of a third party, of whom I have no way to know if they will abuse me or my
personal information.


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