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Thread: 16F84 first project "Mentor Needed" "Thanks!"
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At 07:18 AM 2/15/01 -0800, Harold M Hallikainen wrote:
>         I am very impressed with how so many people can do so much with so
>little. A scope is very valuable, but it IS possible to get stuff working
>without it. You're often in the dark, but it CAN be done.
>         Every monring when I get to work, I turn on my computer, the
> scope, then
>the coffee. The scope is well used...

Way back when, (When I didn't have a scope) I built a 555 circuit that
would stretch any pulse to 1S, which fired a beeper.

Later, I built a "logic analyzer" with an HC688(?) magitude comparator. 8
dipswitches, and 8 probes. It would trip the beeper if a given state occurred.

Got a lot of debug out of that.

Then there was the rig that used two 8 bit DACs to display the current
address plot of a running processor on a scope :)

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Subject (change) 16F84 first project "Mentor Needed" "Thanks!"

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