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Thread: Great Opportunity
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Roman Black wrote:
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Yeah, "Would #'s 22223331118 thru 22223331199 please report
to the West-end Soylent Green Gate". [course, "they" would
never go that far].

>Statistically forums/mailing lists have a very low
>success rate unless joining is totally non-invasive.
>Invasive membership forms activate my browser's
>"back" button. :o)

My first inclination also, Roman. I got as far as the form
in joining David's analog discussion group, then "plop" into
the circular barrel.

I hope these and the responses from several others who in joined
in help to answer both David's and [especially] Matthew's

I think anyone short of the IRS and your bank should be very
leary of using these forms [and I'm not too sure about those
guys either].

best regards,
- dan michaels

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