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Thread: [HELP please]1us pulses and current generator
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Mike wrote:
>I have been trying to come up with a design for
>generating 1 us pulses, with PRF of 10kHz (1% duty
>cycle) to control a DAC which in turn controls a the
>current in a current source.
>1. I want to be able to measure the current that is
>flowing, somewhere within the 1us time frame. So I
>need an a/d that fast enough, and also I need to
>trigger it short time after the pulse starts.

Mike, you might just be able to squeeze this sort of resolution
out of a PIC running at 20mhz [5 MIPS], but it would probably be
a lot easy using a scenix at 50mhz [50 MIPS].

The PIC is going to have trouble operating a 1Mhz A/D, but the
scenix could do it and sing a song on a 2nd DAC in the time between

best regards,
- dan michaels

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