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Thread: Vector 2X Compass for use in a Robot
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>around the house (not installed in a vehicle), there should'nt be a problem
>with nearby magnetic fields.

Well.. Concrete pad has re-bar, that's a problem.
Steel beams used underneath houses too.

>The dual PM motor drive will be about 6" from
>the compass but a standard R/C servo will be about 3" away.

The servo is likely less of a problem than the motor.
The motor will leak field from the internal magnets, but it's also a big
field-distorting lump of stuff.

Check with a hand-held compass. If it wiggles when you add-remove parts,
then you're distorting the field significantly.

Fields around wires carrying motor currents could be interesting too.
Try to get the source and return wire routed as a pair.

Good luck!

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