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Thread: PICList.com up after Hard Drive reformat
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>David, don't give these people ideas!
>Folks, don't put multiple controllers on the same SCSI bus unless you
>really know what you're doing.  (I've supported too many customers who didn't.)

He's right folks.
I doubt you'll find anything around these days that supports multi-initiator.
It's supposed to be there, it's part of the spec, but apparently them who
sell the software don't feel like implementing it.

(I did say their controllers don't do it either...)

>Yes, SCSI works just fine with multiple host adapters on the bus.  IF you
>know what you're doing.  And I have the Microsoft Cluster Server up and
>running to prove it.  :)

Where did you find the software, or did you write it?

>And David is also correct that SCSI is natively hot pluggable.  The main
>things those fancy-schmancy hot swap bays do is that they provide longer
>power pins than data pins, so that as you slide the drive in, the power
>gets connected before the data lines, which prevents noise.

Yup.  :)

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