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Thread: PICList.com up after Hard Drive reformat
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>I have a 7-disk CD changer with a separate LUN for each disk.  Best
>impulse purchase I've ever made...  Had to patch freebsd to get it to work
>right there, though.  W98 handles it fine by default, I think.

At one time, I had a web page up on that issue with Win95 explaining the
truth of the issue. MS's "help" line was giving out all sorts of bullshit
like that LUNs weren't part of SCSI, etc, etc.. At one point someone from
MS called up my boss and raised hell with him, threatened to sue (don't
know why he thought my boss was involved..) Later they dropped it, and in
'98 it was fixed.

It's not hard to write.

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Subject (change) PICList.com up after Hard Drive reformat

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