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Thread: PICList.com up after Hard Drive reformat
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>Yes, but without power sequencing and disconnection you risk _physical_
>damage to any and all devices attached to the bus.

That's just a physical connector problem. Disconnect the SCSI bus (only 5V
and ground there, lots of ground...) then pull the power.
A function either of the owner's fingers, or the drive bay hardware.

> > Been there, done that, wrote the code myself.
> > This is kind of like the W95 version of SCSI which didn't support LUNs.
> > Apparently MS didn't feel like implementing that part of the spec, so they
> > just tossed it out.
>Of course the fact that almost nobody ever used LUNs (the only exception I
>know of is an ancient Bournoulli box) might have something to do with it.

CDROM changers, and even some Adaptec SCSI interfaces used it.

> > SCSI also supports multiple computers on the bus, but Adaptec's software
> > dosen't do that either.
>Again, not some often used.

They did say "Small Computer System Interface"
not "Cheesy Hard Drive Interface".

My SCSI bios for the Ampro was 8k. Full Bios, plus multi-initiator
arbitrating SCSI with LUN support.  Had two CPUs running off the same hard
drive in '84.
Network hardware was $$$ then, and the software wasn't far behind either.

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