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Thread: PICList.com up after Hard Drive reformat
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At 12:23 PM 2/14/01 +1100, Brandon, Tom wrote:
>You might like to have a chat with Adaptec about that:
>Q: Does the AHA-3950U2 support hot swap of SCSI devices?
>A: No, not for devices directly connected on the SCSI cable. Hot swap is a
>function of the device enclosure. Specific enclosure design is required to
>ensure that power is removed from the SCSI device and the device isolated
>from the bus before it is removed. Power surges or bus lockup will occur
>if a device connected directly to a cable is removed or connected while
>the system is functional.

Well, I know that's their position.
However, properly implemented SCSI will not lock up, and will re-try any
trashed transaction. Been there, done that, wrote the code myself.
This is kind of like the W95 version of SCSI which didn't support LUNs.
Apparently MS didn't feel like implementing that part of the spec, so they
just tossed it out.

SCSI also supports multiple computers on the bus, but Adaptec's software
dosen't do that either.

In my view, an ANSI spec is not a "Chinese Menu". You either implement all
of it, or what you've done is "This wierd thing that we came up with

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