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Thread: PICList.com up after Hard Drive reformat
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At 11:53 AM 2/14/01 +1100, Brandon, Tom wrote:
>To be replaceable without a shutdown you need a RAID\SCSI card that's
>supports Hot swap (I think only RAID and REAL expensive SCSI would support
>this), drives that support Hot swap and drive bays for hot swap. Here in
>Australia, it was about AU$20 extra on an 18.2Gb SCSI to get Hot swap but
>the drive bays were about AU$250 (about 1\2 the price of the drives but
>SCSI's quite expensive here) each so overall it was quite expensive.

All scsi devices and cards are hot-swap. SCSI is natively hot-swap.
There are caveats, like you have to be running raid, or make sure the drive
is dismounted.

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