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Thread: DB23 Connectors
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>>Does anyone happen to have a stash of DB23 connectors
>>(no, not DB25 !) that they'd like to part with? I will need
>>some to go with some existing equipment. Farnell still list
>>the plugs & sockets but not the covers. Anyone got 'em?
I have a 1996 Videk UK catalogue that lists D23 covers - might be
worth calling them to see if they have any left (+44) 208 204 6690 -
don;t know if this is still current, or the company is still there? Their order codes 7303G/B/M (Grey/Black/Metallised)

Toby Electronics (UK) (+44)1295 271777 fax (+44)1295 271744, who are
definitely  still around, list a 23 way shell :

Part number 11D-C-23-n-m
n is 2 for grey, 5 for metallised
m is 1 for short screws, 2 for long

Toby can probably also supply the connectors, but there may be a MOQ

CPC still list the connectors, probably cheaper then Farnell
Plug CN04595 UKP0.42 ea. Socket CN04601 UKP0.43 ea.
(Solder bucket)

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