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Thread: PWM 3 phase 2 amp [motor] control
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I'm forwarding this to the list for Kelly.

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Hi James:
Could you drop another inquiry onto the piclist for me:

Has anyone designed a PWM controller that can generate 0-150 Hz
(variable--set by a trim pot or up-down push buttons), 3-phase outputs at
1.5-2 amps--used for controlling small motors.  Must have over-current

I'm willing to pay a reasonable fee for a working (i.e. fully tested)
design--hardware and firmware.  Needed ASAP.  Offers to design and provide
a prototype will also be considered.  Please contact me directly (off-list)
at <spamborsumspamBeGonespamspamdascor.com>  with [motor] in the subject line.


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Subject (change) PWM 3 phase 2 amp [motor] control

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