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74xx138 decoder. I also really like that chip I use two of them to map two
data lines to 16. The cool thing is that after I select one of the 8
possible addresses, I can toggle the two pins (or make on an input and
toggle the other) with out having to reload an entire shift register or
whatever. This means that the data lines on the other 7 address sets are
held steady so you can twiddle this over here, then leave it and twiddle
that over there without that disturbing this or this disturbing that or...

Anyway, it seems like the bulk of what I do needs two pins to twiddle really
fast at the same time. I2C, (SDA, SLC are fast) SPI (SCK, SIO (combined in
and out) are fast and nCS is slow on another address or port pin
) External BUS type devices like memory or parallel ports need an 8 bit
register on a bus and then the 138 provides EN and clock, etc...

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