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Thread: Simple transistor question
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>        +24
>         |
>       Load
>         |
>         C
>        /
>        \
>         E
>         |
>        GND
>Then the transisor won't be saturated because the 5V output from the PIC
>isn't high enough relative to the collector voltage.

Actually this is the best way to do it. From base to emitter there's a
diode junction(0.6 volt) and as long as you have current flowing through
it, the transistor will conduct collector-emitter.

>Now Bob Blick has an HBridge motor drive that uses a darlington configuration
>with no pullup between the high voltage and the base of the drive transistor.

Look at the lead-in page to the schematic, I've shown the internal
schematic of the darlington transistors I used. They have built-in
pinch-off resistors and also collector-emitter diodes, saves external parts.



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