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Thread: Allocation site?
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Alan B. Pearce wrote:
>>Motorola 6805xxxxx
>>[where xxxxx=500 different versions, all on allocation],
>I suspect this is 9/10ths of the problem. There are so many versions of some of
>these chips that I really do wonder how some people decide which one to use.
>I do wonder how much of the allocation problem would be fixed if the number of
>versions was cut down so the production plant did not need to change wafer
>setups, and instead put that time into production.

Alan, I completely agree with you. I often wonder what thought
processes go into deciding to have so many versions of every
little thing these days. I usually attribute it to the infamous
"McDonald-ization" of american society - everybody figures McD
is/are so successful they should be emulated.

Back in the early 90s, I was consulting with a company that had
been using about 5000 of a particular 6805-variant every year for
about 5 years, and then suddenly couldn't get them anymore - the
chips weren't phased out, just on allocation [ie, generally
unavailable] status. This lesson taught me a very lot about
companies with 500 "variants".

And related to Adam Davis asking about PIC availability, just a
couple of days ago, I was looking at an Mchp brochure [2 years
old now!!] about the 18Cxxx - and Mchp was actually "bragging"
about "... PICmicro family is comprised of more than 500 different
device configurations ..." - and I thought "deja vu" [and began
to wonder whether they had hired all the old Mot execs].
Hmmmm ????????

- danM

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