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Thread: Allocation site?
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Adam Davis wrote:
>Murphy's law as applied to parts allocation:
>All parts will be abundantly available during design.
>Parts will continue to be available during prototyping and testing.
>Parts will cease to exist (see: Where do dryers transport socks?) just
>shortly after the production run of the circuit board and housing.
>Once the board is emergency redesigned the original parts will become
>available again, but only after the old board were modified, sold, or
>Adam's correllary:
>Cheap, Available, easy to design with.
>Pick two.

Corollary 2:
Watch out when designing in Atmel, Cypress, Motorola 6805xxxxx
[where xxxxx=500 different versions, all on allocation], some
newer Linear Tech and TI parts.


Maybe techref should have a list of parts people have had
trouble getting -----> James?

- danM

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