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Thread: Very basic hookup help needed
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At 06:15 AM 2/9/01 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm able to get a PIC16F877 programmed and verified,
>but I'm having trouble getting it running on a
>breadboard where it should blink a single LED every
>couple of seconds.
>(1)  Should both Vdd and Vss pins be connected?
>(2)  When in-circuit, I have 3 LEDs going.  One to
>show if power is on, another on my output pin, and a
>third on a second pin which I set to low.  When power
>is applied, all three LEDs blink on and off, maybe
>once a second for as long as power is applied.

You do have resistors in series with each of the LEDs,
don't you? At least 500-1000 ohms in value?

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