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Thread: Oscillator not working at indicated frequency
face BY : Dan Michaels email (remove spam text)

>> I believe that it is indeed a parallel cut crystal.  It's an Epson CA-301,
>> just like the 16F877 guide calls for, with a 15 pF cap to ground on either
>> side of it.  Incidentally, I just noticed that its labeling reads
>> "184AP9X".  Maybe that indicates that the crystal is in fact 18.4 MHz?
>> (Anyone know how these things are labeled?)
>> Jake
>Yep, DIGIKEY got ya!
>They got me about a year ago in a very similar way:


On every xtal I have [about 20 different frequencies], the labelling
matches the freq in an "obvious" way.

And don't let Bob steer you wrong on D-K [probably not his intent].
I order from them all the time, and have had few problems.

However, last week I did get a salesperson [man] who was apparently
very new, and screwed my order up in 3-4 places. In your case, simple
difference between entering P/N SE3438 and SE3436. Just imagine
having a job where you have to enter 20,000 of those friggin P/Ns
every day --> decreasing IQ and brain fog and "terminal" stupidity.

BTW, I have used 3 or 4 different 20mhz parallel-cut xtals from
D-K - although not the cylindrical-type - with several different
PICs, and never had a problem.

best regards,
- dan michaels

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Subject (change) Oscillator not working at indicated frequency

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