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Thread: Oscillator not working at indicated frequency
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At 01:47 AM 2/7/01 -0500, you wrote:
>I believe that it is indeed a parallel cut crystal.  It's an Epson CA-301,
>just like the 16F877 guide calls for, with a 15 pF cap to ground on either
>side of it.

With a 15pF cap on either side, you're looking at about 10pF load.
A bit light generally, but not enough to cause that much drift!

>  Incidentally, I just noticed that its labeling reads
>"184AP9X".  Maybe that indicates that the crystal is in fact 18.4 MHz?
>(Anyone know how these things are labeled?)

Sounds suspicious. Call Digikey, and ask for a tech.
The one time they sent me a wrong part, they fedexed the replacement overnight.

>P.S.  Thanks, David, for the pointer to your website.  I certainly learned
>a few things!


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Subject (change) Oscillator not working at indicated frequency

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