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Mitch Miller wrote:
>Oh yeah ... and it works very well.  I have done several eBay auctions, and
>collected money via PayPal.  When they first started, they were giving away
>money for every referral you made.  They have discontinued the original
>promotion, but still have a modified version in place (it's harder to get
>the referral money now).
>I've always had them do an electronic deposit to get my money, and yeah, it
>takes 3-4 days to process (not sure what takes so long, but it does).  Some
>folks don't like it 'cause they ask for bank account information, as I
>recall, even if you just want to send a payment.

PayPal keeps changing things [which is a euphemistic way of saying
they keep increasing their fees incrementally as they get more and
more popular], so I tracked down some of the fee comparison info:


By any standards, they are still pretty cheap and easy, but
personally I hope they don't become so popular that they end
up charging as much as everyone else.

- danM

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